The Nintendo Game Boy is one of most classic handheld gaming consoles of all time, and it is one of the more immediately recognizable devices. However Nintendo’s focus seems to be on the DS series of handhelds these days, but could the company be thinking of perhaps reviving the Game Boy somehow?

According to a patent discovered by Siliconera, it appears that Nintendo has filed a patent for a smartphone case that also doubles as a Game Boy. In the image above, this is essentially a flip cover case for smartphones, where the front portion of the cover will feature a cutout for your smartphone’s display, while the rest of the front will feature actual buttons to let you control games, or at least that’s what we assume.

It has been designed to look like a Game Boy based on the design of its buttons and also its placement. We have seen physical controllers in the past that can be attached to screens of smartphones to let users control games, so this idea isn’t exactly new, but to have an official Game Boy controller case no doubt has its appeal.

Of course given that this is a patent, there is no guarantee that Nintendo will actually make it a reality, although one can hope. In the meantime there have been rumors that Nintendo could have a Game Boy Classic in the works, but whether or not that will actually materialize remains to be seen.

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