The Nintendo Switch by all accounts is a success. It has managed to beat out the Wii U’s lifetime sales in less than a year of it going on sale, and now according to Nintendo’s latest financials (via Engadget), it looks like the console has managed to surpass yet another Nintendo console: the Nintendo GameCube.

According to the numbers, the Switch managed to sell an additional 3.19 million units, bringing the total number of units sold to 22.86 million, which passes the GameCube’s lifetime sales over 6 years which was at 21.74 million. This is a pretty huge deal for Nintendo and more or less cements the Switch’s status of being a success.

However while it is an impressive accomplishment, the Switch’s sales are still far behind the company’s previous consoles. According to this list, the N64 is still ahead with a lifetime sales of 33 million, followed by the SNES which sold 49 million, and the NES which sold 62 million. There is also the original Wii to consider which is sitting at 102 million units sold.

We’re not sure if the Switch will ever hit the Wii’s numbers, but in terms of possibly beating out the N64, that does seem likely, especially since Nintendo still has several major titles planned for the console that have yet to be released, all of which we imagine should help spur hardware sales.

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