It wouldn’t be the launch of a new Pixel smartphone if early adopters didn’t find some issues with the device. Some of you may remember that there were reports of issues with the Pixel 2 XL’s LG OLED panels last year. This time around the larger model’s speakers are to blame. Some users have complained that they can hear a buzzing or distortion sound from their Pixel 3 XL’s speakers.

These owners have taken to social media and online forums to complain that the Pixel 3 XL produces a static or buzzing sound even at low volume. There have been no reports about this issue being experienced on the Pixel 3.

This buzzing sound is apparently triggered by certain songs, notification sounds, and videos. This is said to be considerably more noticeable on low-to-mid-range frequencies between 20-500Hz. One user says that the issue went away by itself but others feel that this is being caused by a hardware issue and have sought replacements.

The Pixel 2 XL had a similar issue last year and those who experienced it got their units replaced. That may very well be the case here so if you have been experiencing this issue, it would be best to get a replacement, even as we wait for Google to acknowledge the matter.

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