The problem with official accessories is that they’re generally priced higher than third-party options. However sometimes this isn’t always the case, and with the PS4 controller you see in the photo above, it seems that this gold and diamond-encrusted version of the controller will set you back a whopping $14,000.

Dubbed the rather appropriate Lux DualShock 4 controller, it is exactly as what we mentioned above, and that it will feature coated in gold (24 karat yellow gold to be exact), and will also feature diamond-studded buttons. There will be a “cheaper” version priced at $8,500, with the main difference being custom buttons, where the cheaper version will only feature one custom button.

According to the description, “The Lux DualShock 4 is a handcrafted premium version of the Sony DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4. Coated in 24k yellow gold and safeguarded by a triple layer of dlc protective clear veneer, it is exquisitely practical, designed for the gamer with impeccable taste.”

We’re not sure how many people would actually need such a controller or has the money to spend on such a controller, but it’s there if you are interested. It also seems that the controller can be further customized according to your needs, such as using different materials and stones instead of gold or diamonds. For example customers can choose to have it plated in platinum, while the buttons can be made from titanium, carbon, zinc, and so on.

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