It was reported earlier this week that a messaging bug was causing PlayStation 4 units to crash. Countless reports on forums and social media suggested that messages with a certain string of characters could make the console crash. This obviously would result in headaches for owners but fortunately, Sony has confirmed that it has fixed the issue.


One of the official PlayStation Twitter accounts has confirmed that the issue has now been fixed. It’s also clarified that this didn’t brick the consoles. The messages would only send the consoles in a crash loop which could be fixed in under five minutes. Users first had to delete the message using the PS Mobile app on their smartphone, go into Safe Mode, use Option 5, and have the console boot up normally.

It was reportedly quite bad for some owners as they had to factory reset their consoles just to get them working again. The smart thing to do prior to the fix was to not open messages on the console itself. The messages can easily be opened using the PS mobile app on smartphones. This would not allow the malicious message to send the console in a crash loop.

With the issue being fixed now, the precaution need not be taken and users can easily open all messages on the console itself without fear of it being rendered unusable.

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