Most arcade style fighting games are pretty standard where you pick a character and fight against another player who has chosen their own character. In some instances you get to customize your character with different costumes and skins, but with Soulcalibur VI, Bandai Namco has allowed players to create custom characters.

This has resulted in quite a number of creative character designs, some of which are impressive, while others are pretty NSFW. Bandai Namco seems to be aware of such creations and have stated that players who are caught playing with “inappropriate” characters will be banned.

We suppose there might be some who are wondering why offer these customizations in the first place? Given that Soulcalibur VI can be played offline and online, maybe the company doesn’t really care so much about your offline creations, but if the game is expected to be potentially taken seriously as a competitive eSports title, it’s not surprising that Bandai Namco wants to make it as family-friendly as possible.

That being said, custom characters do seem like a pretty fun take on a classic fighting franchise. The game has been released and is currently available on the PS4, the Xbox One, and also the PC for those who might be interested in checking it out.

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