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When it comes to servicing weapons and explosives, naturally one needs to be careful around them. Unfortunately accidents can happen, such as in the case of a technician who was serving an F-16 plane at the Florennes Air Base, where he set off the cannon from the plane and blew up another nearby F-16 in the process.

This comes from a report from (via Jalopnik) where it seems that a bunch of planes were being serviced on that day, and where one of the technicians accidentally activated the plane’s six-barreled Vulcan M16A-1 cannon which apparently shot another F-16 in the gas tank (the plane was being prepped for a training run) and caused an explosion.

Not only did the other plane exploded, but it seems that the blast from the explosion hit the plane that the shot came from, causing double damage in the process. This would seem almost comedic in nature but unfortunately it is anything but. This is because two technicians were injured during the blast, although the extent of their injuries is unclear, but hopefully it is not as severe as we think and that they’ll be able to make full recoveries (although we imagine that at least one of them might be out of a job).

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