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An Evacuation Slide Just Fell Out Of A Boeing Plane Mid-Flight
Boeing is not having a very good year. Some of the company’s planes have been grounded due to flaws discovered in its systems. Now it looks like the company might have a new problem on its hands, because it appears that during mid-flight, a Boeing plane belonging to Delta Airlines “lost” its evacuation slide.

Airbus Planes Will Be Digitally Aware To Track Bathroom Visits
As bizarre it might sound, the digital evolution involves a lot of weird improvements – including aircrafts tracking your bathroom activity, to say the least. According to a report by Bloomberg, Airbus planes are trying to make the cabins “digitally aware” and monitor your activities for insights to help the passenger in an efficient manner.Dubbed as “Airspace Connected Experience“, Airbus says that it aims to provide a personalized passenger experience […]

A Bird Strike Caused An Air Force Plane To Accidentally Drop Three Bombs On Florida
Birds fly in the sky, and so do planes, which means that there are times when a bird and a plane might collide. According to the FAA, this actually happens more often than we think, where they estimate that there are 14,000 bird strikes that happen on an annual basis in US airports. For the most part, they don’t really affect operations all that much, but there are times when […]

Hermeus To Develop Hypersonic Jet That Flies From New York To London In 90 Minutes
Visiting new countries can be fun, but what’s not so fun is the process of traveling. This is because unless you can afford to fly business or first class, or a private jet, chances are most of us will fly in economy and long journeys are basically hell. However, a company by the name of Hermeus is hoping to help cut your travel time significantly.


Boeing 737 Passenger Jet Might Have Collided With Drone Midair
There is a reason why regulators have banned drones from being flown around airports. This is because while we’re sure it will be cool to take some videos and photos of planes taking off and landing from the perspective of a drone, it might end up being a bit dangerous as an inexperienced pilot might accidentally fly too close.

Technician Servicing F-16 Accidentally Blows Up Another F-16
When it comes to servicing weapons and explosives, naturally one needs to be careful around them. Unfortunately accidents can happen, such as in the case of a technician who was serving an F-16 plane at the Florennes Air Base, where he set off the cannon from the plane and blew up another nearby F-16 in the process.

F-16 Used To Save The Life Of A Dying Patient
What happens when your patient is dying but you don’t have the equipment that you need to save them? In cases where it’s not an emergency, sometimes doctors might transfer patients to another hospital who might have the equipment, or maybe they can request to borrow said equipment in order to help their patient.

The UK’s Prime Minister To Get His Own “Air Force One”
Air Force One isn’t just a movie. In fact the movie’s title is based on the actual name of the plane that the US President flies in, and now it looks like the UK government will be getting one of their own, or at least similar in concept and functionality. This is according to Reuters in which they reported on the UK government’s plans.This comes about as Chancellor George Osborne […]

$18,000 Lets You Rent A MiG-29 Airplane In Russia
While most of us have probably flown in airplanes before, for the most part it’s safe to say that those planes are of the commercial variety. Or maybe in some cases you might end up in those smaller propeller-type planes. It is also safe to say that many of us have probably never flown in a fighter jet, but over in Russia you can.It seems that over in Russia, if […]

Japan’s All Nippon Air Debuts New Star Wars Themed Planes
Earlier this year, Japan’s All Nippon Air (ANA) debut a Star Wars themed plane which was basically painted to resemble R2-D2. However it looks like that will not be the company’s only Star Wars themed plane. Recently the company has taken the wraps off two new models which will be joining its fleet.One of the models has been themed to look like the BB-8 droid from the upcoming Star Wars […]

Pilots Reporting Seeing More Drones At Higher Altitudes
While drones have been looked at as tools for photographers and videographers, sometimes they do get in the way and pose a potential danger. In fact recently the FAA has released a report in which they claim that pilots have started to see drones in higher altitudes. The sightings have increased rather dramatically according to the numbers.Last year it was reported that there were about 238 drone sightings by pilots, […]