One of the problems with Tile is that the batteries are embedded into the devices themselves. This means that if the battery runs low or depletes completely, you can’t replace it yourself and you’d have to send it in for a replacement. Granted Tile’s trackers have been designed to be used for long periods of time, but it is still a level of inconvenience.

Tile knows this and wants to fix it, which they have in their latest range of Bluetooth trackers which comes with batteries that users can replace themselves. These new trackers are the Tile Mate and Tile Pro which not only feature user-replaceable batteries, but are also said to feature a longer range and also louder volumes which could help locate the trackers easier when in noisy environments.

The trackers will come with batteries included and are expected to last for a year before needing a change, so you should be able to use them without having to worry too much about the batteries running low anytime soon. In addition to the new products that come with new features, Tile also announced Tile Premium which is a subscription service that offers battery replacements, smart alerts, and a 30-day location history for those who might be interested in such metrics.

If these sound like features you might be able to appreciate, head on over to Tile’s website to get your hands on them. The Tile Mate will be priced at $25 while the Tile Pro will go for $35.

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