Tile has launched a new pet accessory to help cat owners locate their furry friends easily. The Tile for Cats collar attachment allows your cat to carry around a Tile tracker, so you can quickly find it when it gets lost. This innovative collar attachment comes in black and white colors and costs $39.99 in the US and comes with a Tile Sticker tracker and a silicone collar attachment that the tracker can be adhered to.

The Tile Sticker tracker is water-resistant, compatible with the Tile app on Android or iOS devices, and has a maximum range of 250ft (76m). It will last for roughly three years before the battery runs out and the tracker needs to be replaced. The collar attachment can fit collars that are between 3/8-inch to 3/4-inch wide, whether they have breakaway mechanisms or not.

Tile operates a tracker network that all Tile users are connected to, helping you find tagged products if you’ve lost them while out and about — just like an Apple AirTag. The official Tile app will show you how strong the signal from a connected Tile tracker is, giving you a “hotter or colder” reading as you get closer to or further from the missing item; the tracker will beep, giving you an audio clue as to where it’s hiding.

While this isn’t the first time Tile has recommended using its devices to keep tabs on your feline, the new solution is much better because it’s a more streamlined approach using a Tile Sticker that won’t catch on anything and potentially harm your cat. Still, it’s essential to remember that while this tracker collar might be a nifty helper in finding your cat, it shouldn’t replace microchipping it! A microchip identifier greatly increases the chances of your cat being returned to you if it gets lost, stolen, or involved in an accident — and unlike a collar, it can’t be removed or caught on things while your furry companion is exploring.

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