Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo rely on voice commands to get it to work. Given that natural language hasn’t fully evolved to the point where we can talk to our devices like a human being, usually such commands need to be made loudly and clearly. However for those who’d prefer not having to shout their commands all the time, Amazon’s Alexa now has a Whisper Mode that you might want to take for a spin.


Whisper Mode was actually introduced last month during Amazon’s event, but now it looks like the feature is rolling out to Alexa users. Basically it is as its name suggests, where all users have to do is whisper to their Alexa device and it will be capable of picking up on what they are saying.

Such a feature will come in handy when it’s late at night and you don’t want to be shouting commands when everyone is sleeping. It can also come in handy where if you’re watching a movie at home and you don’t want to interrupt everyone’s experience by talking loudly to Alexa. It can also help with privacy where whispering your commands won’t let everyone at home know what you’re trying to do.

Alexa will also be smart enough where it can detect if you’re whispering, then its responses will be whispered back at you, with the idea being that it will help make the digital assistant seem more natural.

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