We imagine that some of you might have multiple smart speakers setup in your home. You could have one in the living room to control the living room lights and music, another in your kitchen, and another in your bedroom, for example.

Now according to Amazon’s latest update to its Alexa digital assistant, one of the new features they have introduced is the ability for users to move music from one Alexa enabled speaker to another. This means that if you’re playing music in your home living room smart speaker, you can actually pause the playback and resume it on another device, like in the bedroom.

According to Amazon, “Since the start of this year, customers have used Alexa-enabled devices to listen to billions of hours of music, radio and podcasts. Now it’s even easier to take your music, podcasts, or radio stations with you wherever you go – just ask Alexa to move your content to your desired Echo device to continue listening exactly where you left off.”

All Alexa users need to do is say “Alexa, pause” to the device currently playing music, and then when they’re near to the other device, they have to say, “Alexa, resume music”. It’s a quality of life improvement that will help make playback between multiple devices seamless, so if you do own multiple Alexa enabled speakers, this could be worth checking out.

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