We’ve seen how Google Maps, especially its Street View feature, capture some pretty funny and sometimes disturbing images. It is also pretty fun when you browse Street View and you see yourself or someone that you know, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case for a husband in Peru where through Street View, he caught his wife cheating on him.


The story goes like this: the man was browsing tourist websites to find a nice and romantic spot that he could take his wife to one day. He stumbled across a Street View showing a flower-lined street in Lima, but unfortunately that was not all he found because upon closer inspection, he recognized his wife in the photo with another man lying on her lap.

According to reports, he then confronted his wife about it in which she admitted to cheating on him. What’s interesting is the fact that this happened years ago because the Street View image used was actually captured back in 2013, which means that it hasn’t been updated since. We’re not sure if the wife is still with that man, or if they might have broken up after all these years, but regardless it seems that it was too much for the poor guy who has since called it quits on his marriage.

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