Google has been taking steps to counter abusive ads online through updates to Google Chrome. It has revealed today that the next version of its popular browser, Chrome 71, is going to ad-block an entire site if it shows an abusive ad. This means that every ad on such a website will be blocked even if not all of them are abusive.

Abusive ads can take on several forms. You may have come across the online often. They can automatically redirect you to a site you didn’t intend to visit, generate fake system messages, and even attempt to steal your information.

Chrome 71 is scheduled to arrive in December this year. Its ad-blocking protections are an extension of Chrome’s November 2017 action against “trick to click” ads. They are ads that try to redirect visitors on one website to another site that they don’t intend to visit. This is done either to make money or try to steal their information.

The browser will now weigh this abusive ad content on websites and if it ascertains that the behavior has not been curtailed, every ad on that site will be blocked, even the ones that are not classified as abusive. Site owners will be provided a 30 day grace period after an abusive ad experience is reported on their website. If they don’t comply they risk having all ads on their website blocked.

Chrome 71 will allow users to turn this filter off but it would obviously be better for them to keep it enabled.

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