Facebook recently confirmed that it will soon enable users to unsend messages within a specified period of time after they have sent it on Facebook Messenger. Those who have been waiting for this feature to arrive will be delighted to know that Facebook is now rolling out the unsend feature for Messenger. Many users are waiting for this feature since Messenger is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging services in the world.

This feature will allow you to remove messages, photos, videos, links, group chats, and more after they have been sent on Messenger. However, there’s a very tight timeframe to do this. You will only have ten minutes to unsend something on Messenger after it has been sent.

This doesn’t take away from the ability to delete any message on your side of the conversation whenever you want. However, if you want to remove something from the recipient’s side as well, you will have to use the unsend feature within ten minutes.

Many would be wishing that this time limit could have been more generous than the ten minutes that Facebook is offering. WhatsApp lets users unsend messages in a full hour after they have been sent, it’s owned by Facebook as well.

Use this feature by tapping and holding on a message you want to unsend and then selecting the “Remove for Everyone” option. Recipients will see that you have removed a message. This feature is available for Facebook Messenger users starting today.

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