A new limited time mode is headed to Fortnite, the insanely popular battle royale title. The developer Epic Games announced today that the title is getting a new mode called Food Fight. The mode arrives as part of the game’s v6.30 patch. The mode is essentially a food-themed base defense game between Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit.


Both teams will be building defenses around their restaurants in this mode while they try to destroy the mascot head that’s located inside the opponent’s base. This latest patch for Fortnite brings a couple of new weapons for the title as well. The Mounted Turret is a new addition in battle royale while the Last Word Revolver will be available in Save the World.

Even though the mode is called Food Fight it doesn’t appear that the mode will involve actual food slinging. Players won’t be slinging any pizzas or burgers at their opponents. The food actually acts like mascots for the teams so the members either have burger or tomato heads based on their team selection.

A variety of bug fixes are included in this patch as well in addition to improvements for the game’s social features. The full changelog of this Fortnite patch is available on Epic’s website.

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