The Fujifilm X-H1 was officially announced earlier this year, but there has been speculation that the X-H2, its successor, could be launched in 2019. While many have praised the X-H1, given that it is the first of Fujifilm’s new lineup, it wasn’t surprising that reviewers felt that there were certain things could be improved upon.

Unfortunately if you were hoping to see the X-H2 launched in 2019, you might be disappointed to learn that might not be happening. A report from Fuji Rumors cites a “trusted source” that the X-H2 will not be arriving in 2019. This actually makes sense when you think about it, because unlike smartphones that are typically refreshed on an annual basis, cameras aren’t replaced that often so launching a successor every year doesn’t make sense.

Plus given how expensive the X-H1 was, we’re sure that photographers who invested in the system would like a few years before they seek a potential replacement. As to when the X-H2 could be launched, Fuji Rumors had previously speculated that we are most likely looking at a launch in 2020 alongside the X-T4.

While there’s no way to confirm this, like we said before, it makes sense that there might be a gap year (or two) in between product refreshes for cameras. None of this is official information so take it with a grain of salt, but if you are hoping for an X-H2 in the near future, you might want to temper your expectations.

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