Taking a look in the comments section on a website or an internet forum and you know that in a lot of cases, it can be filled with all kinds of irrelevant information and troll-ish remarks where people seem to enjoy picking fights with one another. However from time to time, you can find nuggets of useful information that you might not get elsewhere.

Google understands how comments can provide context to users, which is why recently they started displaying messages between users and businesses on Google Maps, and it seems that they could be expanding on that by allowing users to leave comments on Google Search. This was discovered by 9to5Google in a teardown of the latest Google app on Android, where they discovered under the “Your contributions” section, there was a feature that would allow users to leave comments on Google Search.

However it seems that for now, the feature is mostly targeted towards live sports games, where presumably your comments could allow you to cheer for your team on a public forum, or where you could find other fans and discuss plays, strategies, and so on. It is unclear at the moment as to how exactly these comments will work, but perhaps it could display comments that are the most useful or relevant, similar to how Google sometimes shows snippets of information at the top of search results.

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