It has been less than six months since Apple released iOS 12, but it seems that three quarters of iOS devices have been found to be running the software. This is according to the numbers by Mixpanel in which it suggests that iOS 12 adoption has managed to cross slightly above the 75% mark, putting it well ahead of iOS 11’s adoption rate.

As 9to5Mac points out, Mixpanel’s numbers differ ever so slightly compared to the official figures from Apple, but regardless of the difference, both are showing that iOS 12 is indeed being adopted at a much faster pace compared to iOS 11. While software updates are always welcome, iOS 11 was widely criticized by many as being very buggy, where various simple software features had weird issues to them, such as the calculator app and autocorrect.

Ahead of the release of iOS 12, it was rumored that Apple had apparently delayed some of the update’s major features to 2019 in an attempt to focus more on quality control. Whether or not that is true is unclear as iOS 12 did launch with some new features, so whether or not we might have missed out on other features is anyone’s guess.

However so far iOS 12 seems to be a pretty solid update and while there are some issues here and there, they don’t seem to be on the scale of iOS 11 which could have helped its adoption.

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