The other day benchmarks revealed that Apple’s new iPad Pros are almost as powerful as the company’s MacBook Pro lineup. Now it seems that additional reviews and benchmarking performed by Laptop Mag (via Tom’s Guide) has revealed that the new iPad Pros have benchmark scores that blow past its Windows competitors.

For example in terms of multi-core performance (the iPad Pro uses A12X Bionic octa-core chipset), the iPad Pro scored a whopping 17,995, while Windows laptops and tablets like the Dell XPS 13 with a Core i7 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 only managed 14,180 and 13,025 respectively.

It also seems that in terms of video editing, transcoding a 12 minute 4K video using Adobe Rush took the iPad Pro a blazing 7 minutes 47 seconds, versus other computers like the XPS 13 which took 31 minutes 3 seconds, the Surface Pro 6 which took 31 minutes 54 seconds, and it also beat the 13-inch MacBook Pro which took 25 minutes and 53 seconds.

Photo editing was also blazing fast where converting 50 RAW files to JPG in Lightroom took the tablet 59 seconds, whereas the competition took over a minute, with the XPS 13 taking 2 minutes to complete. However it should be noted that while the iPad Pro does certain tasks better compared to Windows laptops, these benchmarks only tell one part of the story.

So far reviews of the tablet have been largely positive and no one can deny that the new iPad Pros are insanely powerful, but at the end of the day its limitations aren’t really due to its hardware, but its use of the iOS platform which is more limited compared to Windows or even macOS. However it does paint the A-series chipset in a very good light, especially with rumors that Apple could eventually ditch Intel and use its A-series chipsets in its future laptops.

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