When it comes to camera clips/attachments for the iPhone, brands such as OlloClip come to mind. However if you are looking for alternatives, perhaps something a bit in the premium range, then you might be interested to learn that Moment has recently launched a new telephoto lens for the iPhone.

Along with OlloClip, Moment is another name that is pretty popular in the mobile phone photography market. The company has typically marketed itself as offering a more premium-grade camera attachment, and their latest 58mm lens looks to maintain that status. It will work with either single or dual lens iPhones, which means that it should play nicely with the iPhone XR and the iPhone Xs.

In addition to selling lens attachments, the company also makes smartphone cases that are designed to help with mobile photography, such as being more grippy to suit one-handed shooting. There is also a special cutout around the camera lens that is designed to fit the company’s series of lenses securely.

The 58mm lens is currently available for pre-order where it is priced at $80, with its regular price being $100. It’s certainly not cheap but if you’re looking to up your iPhone photography game, it could be worth checking out.

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