It may have taken a few people by surprise when rumors started surfacing over the weekend that the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti was not only out of stock but that the product had actually been delisted due to a mass recall. There wasn’t an official statement on the matter which only added to the confusion. However, it’s clear now that the delisting rumors have little basis in fact and that the RTX 2080 Ti is just going through its usual stock refresh cycle.

It’s not uncommon for high-end GPUs to be out of stock and there’s normally a bit of wait involved before NVIDIA restocks them. The status of this card is the same as well.

The product page is still there on, as WCCFTech points out, and it appears to be going through a usual stock refresh cycle. Retailers like Amazon and Newegg also have listings for the RTX 2080 Ti which clearly shows that there hasn’t been a recall for this card. The scribe reached out to NVIDIA for confirmation and the company acknowledged that the RTX 2080 Ti is simply out of stock and will soon be restocked.

There’s no need to be alarmed as there hasn’t been a mass recall even though there have been some reports about initial batches having problematic dies. That can be chalked up to the complex naturing of the Turing die and just the way the fabrication process works. It would hardly necessitate a mass recall.

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