Unboxing a brand new purchase can be fun and almost exciting, especially if you bought it with your own hard-earned money, it’s like opening a present on Christmas day. Now it looks like OnePlus might have beaten everyone at the unboxing game as they now currently hold the record for the most simultaneous unboxings in the world.


The company had recently held an event in India which featured participants who were some of the first owners of the recently-launched OnePlus 6T, in which they then decided to do a simultaneous unboxing which allowed them to nab the record, which as it stands has 559 people unboxing a product at the same time. This has been confirmed by the Guinness World Records.

We’re not sure if there are other companies who plan on doing a similar event just to dethrone OnePlus, and in terms of value, we’re not sure there really is much value in such an event. However it does a good job of marketing the brand and the handset, as well as rally the community together.

Unlike other companies that typically reserve their events for the media, OnePlus has actually tried to include the community by selling tickets to their product launches so that fans can attend their events, and this is just another example of the company bringing their fans and customers together.

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