A major fire at the port of Savona, Liguria ended up destroying hundreds of expensive Maserati cars that were parked there for export. The fire erupted at the port when sea waters rose and caused flooding. Local media reports mention that the sea water caused the car batteries to explode and catch fire early in the morning.


Extreme weather in the region of Liguria is to blame for the blaze. Sea waters rose and flooded the port. The car batteries exploded when they were submerged in sea water and caught fire. The town was one of many that were battered by rain, strong winds, and high waves in storms that affected many parts of Italy.

Reports mention that most of the vehicles destroyed in the blaze were brand new Maserati cars. A few hundred Maserati cars were stored at the terminal as they were to be exported to the Middle East. The fire also damaged lorries and other vehicles that were parked at the terminal.

The local media reports also say that nobody was injured in the blaze which is certainly a good thing. The fire was at a massive scale and 14 teams of firefighters had to be deployed to extinguish it.

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