It is unclear as to why this is happening, but a report from 9to5Mac has revealed that quite a number of iOS users are suddenly finding themselves locked out of their Apple ID accounts. Now before you get worried that your account has been lost/stolen, it seems that you can gain access back to it by answering the security questions you’ve setup along with a trusted phone number for validation.

9to5Mac also suggests that users might be required to reset their passwords after this.  There are many reasons why an Apple ID might get locked out, such as entering an incorrect password too many times. Going to the Update Apple ID Settings screen will also usually prompt users to re-enter their passwords, so it is unclear as to why a number of users are finding themselves suddenly locked out.

If you’re wondering if you might have been affected by this, it’s pretty easy to tell. You will be prompted by a notification in the screenshot above telling you that you’ve been locked out, and that you will need to follow certain steps if you are hoping to unlock your account. Like we said, it is unclear as to what is going on and why there are so many users finding themselves locked out.

Apple has yet to officially comment on the matter, but it has been speculated that perhaps someone or a group is trying to mass brute-force hack their way into multiple Apple ID accounts, thus triggering the lockout.

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