Nintendo’s Smash Bros. franchise is one that’s beloved by many around the world. The franchise has been in existence for decades and has found its way across various Nintendo consoles over the years, so it is understandable that many are undoubtedly excited for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

In fact according to a tweet by Nintendo Versus (via IGN), it has been revealed that the game is breaking some pre-sale records. The game is said to have managed to become the best pre-selling Smash Bros. title of all time, as well as being the best pre-selling Nintendo Switch title of all time, or at least to date.

The game is currently set for a release on the 7th of December where it will feature pretty much every Smash Bros. character that has been released to date. It is also expected to feature new characters from newer Nintendo franchises, as well as new characters from previous games that many gamers have been asking for.

The game will feature a whopping 74 characters at launch and there are also plans for a DLC that will see new characters, new stages, and new music tracks, all of which will be available at a later date.

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