Autopilot, Tesla’s suite of semi-autonomous driving features, has achieved a major milestone today. Tesla confirmed that car owners have driven a total of one billion miles with the Autopilot system engaged. This figure represents 10 percent of the total mileage of Tesla’s electric vehicles so far across the globe.


Tesla points out that this milestone signifies that Autopilot has aided drivers on over a billion miles. The company also said that it represents 10 percent of the total mileage driven by Tesla cars worldwide, this figure includes cars that were sold even before Autopilot was launched and vehicles whose owners decided not to pay extra for the semi-autonomous driving system.

This is an impressive milestone, nonetheless, considering the fact that Autopilot can’t be used on all roads. This figure goes to show that there’s high adoption of this feature among Tesla owners. One major update was only released a few weeks ago which added the Navigate on Autopilot feature. It’s said to be one of the first major steps toward full self-driving.

Tesla launched the Autopilot suite in 2015 and it continues to improve the system. It can only manage semi-autonomous driving right now but Tesla aims to enable full autonomy for Autopilot in the future.

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