Airports play home to visitors from all around the world, some of whom might be looking to grab a quick snack before they hop onto their plane. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes that can be easily found in airports, but it seems that Amazon’s cashierless stores, Amazon Go, could soon find their way into airports as well.


This is according to a report from Reuters in which they have heard that Amazon Go could eventually be located within airports. The publication cites a person familiar with Amazon’s strategy, as well as public record in which apparently a technology adviser who supports Los Angeles International stated in an email  that the lead for Amazon Go had requested a meeting.

Of course this meeting doesn’t necessarily confirm that Amazon Go will indeed launch in airports, but at the very least it shows that Amazon is exploring the possibilities. In a way it also makes sense to open up shop in an airport, where due to the busy nature of airports and people rushing to make their flights, a cashierless system would allow shoppers to take what they want and go, assuming that these shoppers have valid Amazon accounts.

Whether or not such stores will debut in airports remains to be seen, but like we said, the idea and concept does seem to hold some promise.

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