Amazon launched a bunch of products that come with its Alexa assistant baked in earlier this year, a microwave and wall clock were some of those products. The company has now started shipping its Echo Wall Clock. The Alexa implementation in this device is a bit different from what many have come to expect from Amazon’s Echo products.

The Echo Wall Clock doesn’t have an integrated mic for Alexa so it can’t actually listen for your voice commands. It’s more for those who have an Echo device that does feature an integrated mic. If you already own an Echo device, it can then be used to set alarms, reminders, and display timers through voice commands on the Echo Wall Clock.

The intended functionality can’t be used if the clock isn’t synched to an Echo device through a process that works over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The device itself requires four AA batteries for power. There are 60 LEDs on the clock’s face so multiple timers and alarms can be displayed at the same time.

Amazon also points out that the Echo Wall Clock can adjust for daylight saving time automatically. It’s a relatively affordable add-on for those who already own a fully capable Echo device. The Echo Wall Clock is available now from Amazon for $29.99.

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