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While WiFi has become a staple found in homes and offices around the world, it isn’t necessarily the best solution. For example due to limitations in routers, WiFi coverage can get spotty unless you were to invest in multiple routers or a mesh network system which can get expensive.

This is versus mobile internet where unless you’re situated somewhere extremely rural, for the most part you tend to be covered by mobile reception almost everywhere you go. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that in a report from MIT Review, it appears that some companies are starting to ditch WiFi for 5G instead.

Now we know that 5G hasn’t exactly been fully deployed yet to consumers but the report claims that companies such as Audi are starting to put into place the infrastructure needed to harness the speed and connectivity of 5G with their own private 5G network. The company believes that by using 5G, they will be able to better connect its devices, such as manufacturing robots, more securely compared to WiFi, Ethernet, or 4G LTE options.

In the past this would not have been possible because mobile internet speeds were still lagging behind that of regular internet, but 5G is expected to change that as its speeds are said to be capable of slashing 30ms transmission delays to less than one. The report also claims that Audi isn’t alone in this as other companies such as BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen have expressed similar interest in managing their own private 5G networks as well.

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