The drones that most of us are familiar with usually come from companies such as DJI or Parrot, where for the most part they are typically used for photography/videography. However given that we’re starting to see more companies start to consider using drones for deliveries, this means that different types of drones will be required.


DRONE VOLT has recently unveiled their latest drone, the HERCULES 20 which is a long-range heavy lift professional drone. As the description probably gave it away (and its name), this a drone that has been designed to carry heavy loads. According to the company, the HERCULES 20 is capable of carrying loads as heavy as 25kg.

It is also boasting a long range of up to 5km which means that it can be sent into areas that might not be as accessible to humans, such as in emergency situations where it might be dangerous for humans to get too close to. The HERCULES 20 also features a frame built from carbon and anodized aluminum, making it shock resistant.

The drone is also rated to have a flight time of 45 minutes, with each battery pack taking about an hour to fully recharge. If this sounds like a drone you might be interested in, then head on over to DRONE VOLT’s website for the details.

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