No need to turn on your TV to get your fix of classic TV shows. Facebook’s on-demand streaming service Facebook Watch is now streaming three classic series. It has teamed up with 20th Century Fox to bring every episode of Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel to its on-demand service.


Facebook doesn’t have exclusivity on these shows. They can be purchased online elsewhere and all of the episodes are already available for streaming on Hulu as well.

However, this partnership with 20th Century Fox does come a couple of days after Facebook released its Watch Party feature to all users. This means that users will be able to watch these shows with their friends and family simultaneously.

All episodes of the aforementioned series are available to stream on-demand from Facebook Watch for users in the United States. Dedicated show pages have been set up by Facebook for each series.

Facebook’s head of content planning and strategy for media partnerships Matthew Henick mentions that these shows have “incredibly dedicated fanbases that have persisted and even grown online,” adding that this is great content for Watch Party to experiment with. The company is hoping that the series will result in thousands of Watch Party sessions.

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