The Fallout franchise is beloved by many, but Bethesda’s attempt with Fallout 76 is starting to leave many with a bad taste in their mouths. As some of you might have heard, the company replaced the canvas bag that was supposed to ship with the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition with cheap nylon versions instead.

To make things worse, the company was caught giving social media influencers proper canvas bags, which seemed unfair to players who actually paid good money for the game. The company later reversed their position and announced that they would replace the bags with the proper canvas ones, and players had to submit a request to get one. Now to compound the problem even further, not only are there reports of players getting denied in their requests, but it has also been discovered that players will have to wait an additional 4-6 months before their replacement bags arrive.

This is according to gamers who were successful in submitting their requests for the canvas bag exchange, where they were later sent confirmation emails that indicated that their orders would arrive at least half a year after the game’s release, if not longer. We suppose that this wouldn’t have been so bad if the game was good, although unfortunately unlike the well-received Fallout 4, Fallout 76 has been receiving end of mixed reviews.

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