These days our digital cameras are becoming more capable than ever, where we’ve seen how in the past, entire TV episodes can be filmed using a DSLR, suggesting that our consumer-grade cameras have become good enough where they can act as more affordable alternatives to professional-grade equipment.


As if to prove that point even further, upcoming Hollywood film “The Possession of Hannah Grace” seems to have the honor of being the first Hollywood film to be shot entirely using a full-frame mirrorless camera, according to a report from Peta Pixel. The camera in question is none other than Sony’s A7S II, which isn’t surprising given how Sony still pretty much dominates the full-frame mirrorless scene.

According to the show’s executive producer Glenn S. Gainor, “I knew that Sony’s A7S II had a full-frame sensor and could capture in 4K. And I knew that we had to make the film in a manner that would fit our schedule and budget. I had a relationship with Vantage, so we put it together and made a motion picture in a way that has never been done before.”

One could argue that part of what makes a good movie is the direction and also the story, not just how good of a camera you’ve got, which is also what the film’s director of photography Lennert Hillege concludes. “If you work with a director who wants to shoot anamorphic, and we work with a producer who really wants to change the whole vision of how to shoot a cine movie, perfection is not the most interesting goal. It’s how you are telling the story and whether that works.”

In the meantime if you want to get an idea of what the film looks like, you can check out its trailer in the video above.

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