Many people will be traveling during the upcoming holiday season to be with family or to go on a vacation. To aid them in their travels, Google today rounded up some of its tools that can help make travel a bit easier. The company also mentioned that Google Assistant will now be able to predict flight delays as well.

This is an extension of a search feature from earlier this year. Google started sharing flight delay predictions when users searched for their flight status. The prediction would only surface if it was 85 percent confident that the flight would eventually be delayed.

It makes these predictions based on historic flight status data coupled with machine learning ahead of airlines confirming the delays themselves. Since this time of the year tends to see increased delayed flights, the Google Assistant will now be able to show delay predictions as well. Users can ask it questions like “Hey Google, is my flight on time?”

The company also says that over the next few weeks, Assistant will also being proactively notifying users on their phone if they predict a flight delay and also inform them the reason if it’s known.

Its Google Flights tool makes it simple to understand what’s included in the ticket price. Users will see if the prices include a carry-on bag and can also filter to see the prices that also include carry-on luggage. They can now also filter to include checked bag fees for flights in the United States.

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