Apple had recently released the iOS 12.1.2 update which according to the changelog, was supposed to address some cellular connectivity issues affecting the iPhones over in Turkey. While the update might have fixed that problem for some, it appears to have created the same problem for others who were not experiencing issues before.

In a report from Forbes, it seems that a number of iPhone users have taken to the internet where they are claiming that following the update to iOS 12.1.2, their devices are experiencing cellular connectivity where their mobile data connections have been cut. For some users this isn’t something that can be fixed as some claim that resetting their iPhone doesn’t seem to restore connectivity.

Some are claiming that they can’t even make calls, which is ironic as it means that they aren’t able to call Apple Support to schedule an appointment with a Genius. Apple has yet to officially respond to the complaints, but apparently iOS 12.1.3 is already in the works, although unfortunately there is no date on when the update is expected to be released, and whether or not the update will actually address these issues.

In any case if you have yet to update to iOS 12.1.2, maybe you might want to hold off on doing so until these issues have been ironed out. If you’ve already updated, then maybe you’ll want to keep a close eye on your phone to make sure that the issues mentioned doesn’t happen to you.

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