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If you bought a tablet online and it shipped to your home and you discovered that it was slightly bent/warped, would you consider that a problem? We’re sure many people would, although oddly enough Apple doesn’t seem to think so. According to reports, it seems that there are some iPad Pro (2018) units that have been shipped to customers who have discovered that the tablets are actually bent on arrival.

However according to The Verge, Apple has confirmed to the publication that this bend is “normal” and that it isn’t considered a defect. According to Apple, the slight bend is due to a side effect during the manufacturing process during the cooling stage. They claim that this should not worsen over time and will not affect the tablet’s performance, although admittedly it is rather unsightly since you can’t unsee it.

In some cases the bend isn’t particularly obvious, although in the case of the photo above posted on the MacRumors forum by user MacDonaldTrump, it is pretty damn obvious. Users who do encounter this issue can try taking it back to the Apple Store for an exchange, although in some instances Apple employees have been telling customers that this is considered accidental damage and needs an AppleCare+ claim.

That being said, Apple seems to be pretty confident about the structural integrity of the iPad Pro and claims that these concerns are unfounded. We’re not sure if the company still plans to do something about it or if they plan to leave it as it is.

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