Apple’s newer iPhone models all feature water-resistance which is great for the accidental drop in the toilet or the swimming pool, but in the latest story, it seems that the iPhone managed to save a woman’s life after her boat had capsized in Japan, where its water-resistant capabilities allowed her to make a call to Japan’s coast guard who ultimately came to rescue them.

According to Rachel Neal, the woman in question, who spoke to The Today Show, “Having a go bag is like second nature for me. I have one in my car, I have one in my house, I have one when I travel. We had our go bag, we put our life vest on, and I literally turned grabbed it, and just jumped. We pulled out his, his had too much water damage and didn’t work. We pulled out mine, despite the fact that it had water, it worked.”

Neal does not specify which iPhone model she was using, but given that it was only the iPhone 7 that saw Apple introduce water-resistant features, we can only assume that it was at the very least that model or later. That being said, Apple has been criticized and mocked for being so late to the water-resistant game, but in this instance, we suppose better late than never, right?

We have also heard multiple stories about the Apple Watch having saved lives in the past, such as how the Apple Watch Series 3 with its cellular capabilities allowed a kitesurfer to make a call that saved him from shark-infested waters.

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