Even as game streaming services become more popular, the age of gaming consoles is still not over. Microsoft is believed to be working on a couple of new consoles that may arrive in the next few years. The company is reportedly sticking with the reptile-themed codenames for its next-generation consoles. Some of you may recall that the Xbox One was codenamed Durango while the Xbox One X was referred to as Scorpio.


The next-generation Xbox console is reportedly codenamed Anaconda. The company is actually expected to show two new consoles as part of its plan for next-generation Xbox hardware. Anaconda is said to arrive at some point in 2020.

The console codenamed Anaconda is described as a successor to the Xbox One X. It will feature improved hardware from AMD. It may even have SSD storage to reduce game load times. A second console codenamed Lockhart is reportedly in the pipeline as well which would essentially be a replacement for the Xbox One S.

Both consoles are said to get the ability to play backward compatible titles released for the Xbox and Xbox 360. There would obviously be compatibility with Xbox One titles as well. Microsoft is also believed to have a disc-less Xbox One S up its sleeve. This model of the existing generation is expected to arrive in 2019 and a recent report claims that it may be launched as early as January 2019. Microsoft is reportedly mulling a disc-to-digital program which would allow players to convert their physical disc libraries into digitals.

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