The Nintendo Switch is definitely doing a much better job compared to its predecessor, the Wii U, at attracting developers onto its platform. For example the console managed to get companies like Bethesda to bring games like Skyrim onto it, plus we’re also seeing a ton of indies launch for the Switch as well.

However there are still quite a number of famous games that have yet to be released for the Switch, such as Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime revealed why the game was not launched for the Switch, and stated that he would love that if it did.

According to Fils-Aime, “We’d love for it to be there. But again — and this is where there needs to be an understanding of just the development process — Red Dead has been in development for years, time that predated any communication of Nintendo Switch. So, from the developer’s mentality, they need to move forward and finish the game they’ve been working on and then be in a position to look at other opportunities.”

Of course Rockstar is more than welcome to start working on a port for the Switch, but how long that will take and whether or not it will be worth their time and resources is another matter.

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