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News Station Mistakes Red Dead Redemption’s Graphics For The Real Outdoors
The graphics in our video games these days are getting better and more realistic, where at a glance, they could be easily mistaken for the real thing. This is what happened to a new station in Oregon where they were sent in a photo from Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 and uploaded it thinking it was real.

Bored Of Using Zoom, This Editorial Team Started Hosting Meetings In Red Dead Redemption 2
With the world more or less on lockdown, we’re seeing more people work from home and rely on communication tools like Zoom to have face-to-face virtual meetings. While there is nothing wrong with using these video calling apps, writer and illustrator Viviane Schwarz and her team decided to shake things up a bit by hosting their team meetings inside of a video game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hinted At For The Nintendo Switch
While many developers and publishers were hesitant about bringing their games onto the Nintendo Wii U, the Nintendo Switch seems to be a very different story. We’ve seen many big games make their way onto the Switch with many companies announcing their support for Nintendo’s latest console.

Red Dead Redemption Remake Said To Be In Development
It has almost been ten years since Red Dead Redemption was released and if a new rumor is to be believed, Rockstar Games has some epic plans to celebrate the title’s tenth anniversary. Rumor has it that there’s a Red Dead Redemption remake in the pipeline and it could arrive by 2020. There has obviously been no confirmation about this from Rockstar Games so far.


Red Dead Online Gold Is Now Being Sold For Real Money
The microtransaction model is one that is very popular and is a great way for developers and publishers to continue pulling in revenue long after the game is sold. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Rockstar has recently started to sell in-game currency for Red Dead Online for real money.

Nintendo Would ‘Love’ To See Red Dead Redemption 2 On The Switch
The Nintendo Switch is definitely doing a much better job compared to its predecessor, the Wii U, at attracting developers onto its platform. For example the console managed to get companies like Bethesda to bring games like Skyrim onto it, plus we’re also seeing a ton of indies launch for the Switch as well.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App Hints At PC Release
Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 was recently launched on consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox One. Given that its predecessor was also a console exclusive, the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 skipped the PC did not come as a surprise, although we’re sure that many gamers are still hoping that Rockstar will have a change of heart.

New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Released
Rockstar has a couple of franchises under their belt that have been very well received, such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, the latter of which many have been anticipating its sequel for quite a while now. The good news is that the game will be released soon but in the meantime it looks like gamers can check out the game’s newest launch trailer in the video above.

New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Launching This Wednesday
If you’ve been waiting to get a glimpse of the upcoming Red Dead Redemption title then you will be delighted to know that a new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be released in the very near future. Rockstar has confirmed today that it’s going to release a new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer on May 2nd. That’s Wednesday, merely two days from now.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Probably Feature Microtransactions
Given that the original Red Dead Redemption title was released back in 2010, it’s safe to say that many gamers were excited when Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption 2 back in October 2016. As expected there will be a ton of changes and new features that will be part of the sequel, and unfortunately for some, microtransactions appears to be one of them.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed To 2018
Last year the folks at Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption 2 which is the long-awaited sequel to the original Red Dead Redemption from 2010, so safe to say that it has been a long time coming. The game was originally announced for the fall of 2017, but Rockstar has since announced that it has been delayed to the spring of 2018 instead.

Red Dead Redemption PS4 Launch Confirmed
There has been a lot of news related to the Red Dead Redemption series this week. Rockstar has confirmed that it’s working on a new Red Dead Redemption game that’s going to be released next year. It’s the successor to Red Dead Redemption which came out back in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. The game has already been made backwards compatible on Xbox One and today Sony has officially […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Been Officially Announced
Rockstar has been teasing some kind of announcement and the various images that they have posted all seem to suggest that we could be looking at a new Red Dead game. In fact it was recently discovered that Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, had registered the domain for “Red Dead Online”.

New Red Dead Game Is Being Gradually Teased By Rockstar
Yesterday, Rockstar got everyone talking by just posting an image of its logo in red. Many were quick to jump to the conclusion that the company is dropping hints about an upcoming Red Dead game. If that wasn’t immediately clear from the vague image of the logo that it posted yesterday, Rockstar today posted another image which does make you think about its Western franchise, so there might be truth […]

Rockstar Has Got Everyone Talking With Just One Image
It has been a very long time since Rockstar announced that it was working on a new game. It first revealed Grand Theft Auto 5 back in October 2011 and the game was released some two years after that. The studio hasn’t said anything about new games since then but today it has got everyone talking about that possibility. Rockstar didn’t actually say anything, it just posted an image across […]

Red Dead Redemption Sequel Rumors Turn Out To Be Fake
There are many games whose sequels are currently highly-anticipated. Valve’s Half-Life 3 is one of them, and so is the sequel for Red Dead Redemption from the folks at Rockstar. However things got a little heated recently when a poster started circulating the web hinting at a sequel called Red Dead Retribution.

Alleged Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Leaked
Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010 and given its success, it means that its sequel is a long time coming. In fact in 2014, we heard word that there could be a Red Dead Redemption 2 released in the same year, but obviously that did not pan out, but could 2016 be the year of Red Dead Redemption 2?