The Nintendo Switch is doing quite well for itself, considerably better than its predecessor, but could it potentially outperform the other consoles? According to a report from Strategy Analytics, it seems that they believe that Nintendo could very well do just that, especially come 2019 where they think that the Switch could potentially outsell that of the PS4.

According to their predictions, the Switch is expected to sell 17.3 million Switch consoles worldwide in 2019, while the Sony PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles might only sell a combined total of 17.1 million. They also expect that Microsoft will be lagging considerably behind by only selling 10 million Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles in 2019.

Of course how accurate this report is remains to be seen, but they certainly seem rather optimistic about the Switch. However despite Nintendo potentially taking the lead on 2019’s sales, Sony’s consoles still dominate the landscape and account for almost half of all consoles, with 84% belonging to the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Nintendo does have some games lined up for the future that we expect will help spur Switch sales, like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which is due next week. There will also be a brand new Pokemon RPG in the works, plus we imagine that they probably have more titles in the works that have yet to be announced.

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