Our phones these days have grown in terms of display size, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing since watching videos, surfing the web, and playing games is a lot more comfortable on a bigger screen. The downside is that larger phones need larger batteries, and also larger phones can be a bit unwieldy for those with smaller hands.


However it seems that OnePlus, who is just as “guilty” as the rest of the industry for helping push phones with large displays, has indicated that they would not mind making a smaller handset. Speaking to PC Mag through a translator, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau stated that the company wouldn’t mind building a smaller phone if they could solve some battery problems.

According to Lau, “If we can solve the battery problem, we would definitely make a smaller one. I see a lot of demand for this kind of size. But looking at the industry, the technology of batteries hasn’t changed too much over all these years.” It is a bit of a tricky situation, where smartphones with large displays means they need larger batteries to stay alive.

At the same time, a smaller phone might not have the space necessary to accommodate a larger battery, which in turn can also affect battery life. As PC Mag points out, the newly launched Palm smartphone is small, but so is its battery life.

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