Blizzard loves celebrating the various seasonal holidays that take place throughout the year. We usually see this happen in World of Warcraft, where Blizzard has been known to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Christmas, the Lunar New Year, Halloween, and so on. Blizzard has since brought that tradition over to Overwatch.

For the past couple of years, Blizzard has been celebrating the end of the year with the Winter Wonderland event, and unsurprisingly they are back for a 2018 version which according to the tweet by the official Overwatch account, will be kicking off on the 11th of December, 2018, which is actually a day earlier compared to last year, although both times the event does fall on a Tuesday which is usually when Blizzard conducts maintenance and issue patches/updates.

According to Blizzard, this year’s Winter Wonderland will run from the 11th of December until the 2nd of January, 2019. This means that you’ll have a little over two weeks to enjoy the various in-game events as well as the ability to unlock and collect all the various skins and cosmetic items that we imagine Blizzard will be releasing for the event.

There is no word on what this year’s Winter Wonderland in-game event will be, but for the most part they have been centered around Mei given her abilities tie-in nicely with the frosty theme, but we imagine that we’ll have the details in the next few days.

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