Nintendo has seen considerable success with its mini-consoles. The NES Classic was pretty hard to come by soon after it was released. It was a similar story with the SNES Classic. Both of these mini-consoles were very well received and Nintendo has sold tons of units. Sony wanted to get in on the action as well so it launched the PlayStation Classic. However, its mini-console hasn’t had that kind of success.

Merely a month after Sony launched the PlayStation Classic, it has now cut the mini-console’s price considerably. It was launched for $100 and is now widely available from different online retailers for $60. That’s a 40 percent price cut just a month after its launch.

It’s not just one retailer that’s trimming its margins to sell more of these units. The PlayStation Classic is now available for $60 from the likes of Amazon and Target. This goes to show that Sony hasn’t sold as many units as it wanted to or even made, which has forced it to cut the price.

Some fans weren’t too thrilled about this console in the first place. They didn’t like that Sony was limiting the device to just 20 games and it would have been hard for the company to please everyone with just 20 titles from the countless released for the original PlayStation. This, coupled with emulation issues faced by many users and the fact that this only supports original PS1 controllers, seems to have prevented the PlayStation Classic from doing as well as it could have.

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