Games these days more often than not do not come with a manual. This is because for the most part, gamers are tech savvy enough to know how to install a game, and in-game tutorials have become so common that there is no longer a need to include a printed manual that teaches gamers the basics of a game.

However given that games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has such a massive roster and the number of moves involved, gamers would no doubt have appreciated a printed manual that they can keep by their side to study the moves of characters. The good news is that gamer and fan OharaLibrarianArtur has decided to help with that by putting together an unofficial manual for the game (via Kotaku Australia).

This manual can be found hosted on Imgur and if you wanted a copy that is high quality enough to print, you can download it here. We should point out that despite this manual looking official with official-looking wordings and stamps and logos, that it is entirely fan-made. However for the most part it seems to do a good job of of highlighting the moves of various characters, as well as teaching gamers about the various in-game items that they can pickup and what it does.

We can’t imagine that Nintendo will be too pleased about this if they find out since it does seem like a copyright violation, so you might want to move quickly before it potentially gets taken down.

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