Razer today announced the launch of a new desktop app called the Razer SoftMiner. The app makes use of idle GPU processing power of gamers’ powerful machines to mine for cryptocurrencies in the background. The mining process involves solving complex puzzles on the blockchain. Those who use this app will be rewarded with Razer Silver virtual credits depending on how long they have SoftMiner running.

“Instead of letting all that power go to waste, we’re working with Gamma to make sure our PC works for us even when we’re away from keyboard. Best of all, it requires no extra work – just download and run SoftMiner, and watch the Razer Silver roll in,” explained Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan.

This has been made possible because of a deal between Razer and Gamma. The latter is powering the blockchain-based app so that gamers can utilize the idle time on their rigs to mine cryptocurrencies. Gamma’s technology can thus reach the over 50 million strong Razer database of registered gamers.

“SoftMiner is the best way for Razer community members to contribute their compute when not in use and get awesome rewards in return,” said Gabriel Schillinger, CEO of Gamma. Razer is also an investor in Gamma.

Gamers won’t get actual cryptocurrencies for allowing their PC idle time to be used for solving complex blockchain puzzles. They will be rewarded Razer Silver instead, the company’s own virtual currency, which they can use for rewards in-game and discounts on the Razer Store.

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