Messaging App Line Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency

Line, the Japanese messaging app that’s quite popular in Asia, has announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency called Link. The idea is to bring in more users and retain them. The Link token will be given away for free to users when they complete certain activities. This lets Line get its token out to users without conducting an initial coin offering and asking them for money upfront for the […]

Messaging Company Line Launches Cryptocurrency Fund

Line is a messaging service that’s particularly popular in Asia. The messaging app has more than 200 million users largely focused in markets like Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan. It has been making significant moves recently into the cryptocurrency space. The company launched its BitBox crypto exchange last month but it’s not available in the United States or Japan due to regulatory challenges. It has now announced the launch of a […]

IBM Experimenting With Cryptocurrency Pegged To U.S. Dollar

IBM has decided to experiment with a digital currency that’s pegged to the United States dollar. The cryptocurrency stablecoin is tied to the government-backed currency that is the USD. The idea behind tying up the cryptocurrency with an existing currency is to reduce the volatility that’s often seen with digital currencies.

World Cup Gambling Ring With $1.5 Billion In Crypto Bets Busted

A FIFA World Cup gambling ring has been busted by officials in China which had reportedly took in bets worth more than 10 billion yuan or $1.5 billion in cryptocurrency bets. The authorities are said to have arrested six individuals linked to a web-based crime syndicate that’s connected to the dark web. Cryptocurrencies worth more than 10 million yuan were found in their possession and seized.


Line Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange Next Month

Popular cross-platform messaging app Line has confirmed that it’s going to launch a cryptocurrency exchange called BitBox in July. The move isn’t surprising as Line had said back in January this year that it was thinking about entering the crypto game with an exchange. Line has clarified today, though, that its exchange won’t be open to customers based in the United States and Japan likely due to regulatory uncertainty.

Bithumb Loses $30 Million In Crypto After Hack

Cryptocurrency exchanges continue to face security issues as yet another hack on an exchange has resulted in millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency being stolen. Merely weeks after South Korean exchange Coinrail lost $40 million in a hack, another South Korean exchange Bithumb has been hacked as well, losing $30 million worth of cryptocurrency in the process.

Bitcoin Tumbles After $40 Million Cryptocurrency Hack

It’s not uncommon for cryptocurrency exchanges to get hacked and the losses often run into tens of millions of dollars. Whenever something like this happens, the bitcoin price tends to take a hit as a result and that’s precisely what has happened after Coinrail, an exchange based in South Korea confirmed that it was hacked and that hackers made off with $40 million worth of tokens and altcoins.

New Crypto-Mining Motherboard From Asus Supports Up To 20 GPUs

Asus is tapping into the cryptocurrency mining trend with a new motherboard it has announced today that can support up to 20 GPUs, thus enabling users to effectively power an entire mining farm with one single board. It’s aptly called the H370 Mining Master motherboard and as you can probably tell, it has been developed with the express purpose of mining cryptocurrency in mind.

U.S. Investigating Price Manipulation Of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been on a wild ride over the past few months with significant price volatility that may have made some people a lot of money but it would have certainly cost a lot of people money as well. The U.S. Justice Department and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission feel that something’s not quite right which is why they have started investigating possible price manipulation in the […]

Unicef Australia Mining Cryptocurrency For Fund Raising

Organizations like Unicef do a lot of good work across the globe but they always need funds to keep doing what they’re doing. These organizations are always looking out for new fundraising opportunities and now Unicef Australia has embraced cryptocurrency mining as it seeks to raise more funds to support its activities.

Twitter Confirms Ban On Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook and Google recently announced that they would no longer allow ads for cryptocurrencies on their platforms. It was reported about a week ago that Twitter was mulling a similar move on its platform to protect its users against scammers taking advantage of the hype surrounding digital currencies. Twitter has now revealed that it’s also going to ban cryptocurrency advertising.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Predicts Bitcoin Will Be Global ‘Single Currency’

As Twitter prepares to come down on cryptocurrency scams on its platform, the company’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey remains optimistic about the future of one major cryptocurrency. Dorsey predicted in a recent interview that bitcoin is going to become the world’s “single currency” in a decade from now. He believes that the world and the internet will eventually have a single currency and that currency will be bitcoin.

Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency Banned By President Trump

Venezuela launched what it claimed to be the world’s first sovereign oil-backed cryptocurrency last month called the Petro. Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said that each Petro token is going to be backed by a barrel of Venezuelan crude, which the country has lots of, it actually has the world’s largest proven oil reserves. Many saw it as a ploy by the country to circumvent its economic challenges and sanctions imposed […]

Twitter May Be Next To Ban Cryptocurrency Ads

About a month ago Facebook decided that it would no longer allow ads for cryptocurrencies and other dubious financial products such as binary options on its platform. The world’s largest social network wanted to ensure that its users were kept safe from rampant cryptocurrency scams and get rich quick schemes involving web-based financial products that were too good to be true. Google took a similar step not too long ago […]