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Now that Samsung has officially taken the wraps off what appears to be a fully-functional foldable smartphone, it seems that the race is now on as other companies are working towards creating their own foldable devices too. Sony has been a bit mum on that front, but that doesn’t mean the company has not thought about it.

In a recently discovered patent by LetsGoDigital, it looks like Sony has filed a patent for their own take on a foldable smartphone. Now patents are concepts which means that Sony might simply be trying to protect an idea that they have which they could then license out to other companies, and isn’t necessarily a guarantee that it will be made a product.

However from what we can tell from the patent, it seems that Sony’s take on a foldable smartphone is downright futuristic, where it will feature a completely transparent display that folds right in the middle. This seems to suggest that there will be no hinge, or if there is a hinge, it will be in the frame of the handset itself, meaning that the display is completely flexible.

The idea behind a transparent display is that it could be used on either side, and from what we can tell from the patent, it can detect which side is facing towards the user and will enable that display. It can also be changed to feature a solid back or made translucent. In any case like we said, patents don’t necessarily represent products that will become a reality, so don’t get your hopes up just yet for a foldable smartphone from Sony.

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