Tesla Testing Autopilot Support For Traffic Lights & Roundabouts

So far Tesla’s autopilot feature seems to do pretty well handling itself on the road. However we suppose improvements can always be made, and the good news is that Tesla owners can look forward to new autopilot features and improvements in the future, according to a recent tweet by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

According to Musk, it seems that the company is already testing out new features for autopilot which includes traffic lights, stop signs, and roundabouts. Musk claims, “Your Tesla will soon be able to go from your garage at home to parking at work with no driver input at all.” Whether or not this is exaggeration on his part or if he’s serious is unclear.

Tesla’s autopilot feature, despite the name, is not meant to be a self-driving feature. The company has warned against that in the past and have been criticized in certain countries over the term, where some believe that it is misleading. The feature sort of acts more like an enhanced and smarter version of cruise control, and it will require drivers to have their hands on the steering wheel to take over in the event something goes wrong.

Musk’s tweet also notes that the new features might not necessarily be launched simultaneously as they are waiting on EU regulatory approval, but if and when it does roll out it could be worth checking out.

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